self care Apr 03, 2021
Welcome to another video on self-care.  Today's video will show different self-care tool ideas for the massage therapist to use at home or between clients to manage aches and pains.  
This video accompanies another blog post which talks about how and when to use some of these ideas.  
Find one or two favorite ideas here for your own self-care to stop those aches before they become injuries. 
Many of these ideas can be recommended to clients as well for homework to support your goals in session. 
I'm going to go through a lot of self-care tool ideas, I seem to have accumulated a lot over the years.  These are all things that we used in my clinic or things that I've used for myself in my own athletics or just things I've picked up along the way. 
[ As an Amazon Associate I may receive a small commission on sales made through links here.  I only list items I have personally used and would...
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body mechanics self care Mar 26, 2021

Hands, we can't massage without them. 

It's easy to overuse hands during a workday, and then they are still needed for everything we do after work.  We need our hands for all aspects of life and daily activities. 

A weekend gardening project, painting a room in the house, or trimming a tree all use the same muscles massage therapists use while working.  Those are sporadic activities, but what about a massage therapist's hobby that requires hand repetitive movements?   Playing the piano or guitar, knitting or crocheting, sewing, gardening are all movements that wouldn't give the hands the rest they need. 

When your chosen profession and the activities you love require hands to have extra care, here are the top five ways to provide excellent self care to your hands. 

1.  Manage your work schedule

Being self-employed brings a different set of scheduling challenges than therapists who have someone else writing their schedule. 


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self care Mar 19, 2021

Massage therapists know hands are their most important asset.  Education, intuition, and experience are nothing without the tools to carry out the massage session.  Protecting and caring for these important tools is never more important than when they start to hurt.  Here are some self-care ideas for the massage therapist's hands that therapists can do between clients or at home to prevent and care for hand pain.

1.  Hand Shake

This rapid shaking of the hands rejuvenates tiered hands and only takes 20-30 seconds.  Holding the hands out in front of you, elbows bent, shake hands back and forth with loose wrists very quickly.  Watch a video here. 

2.  Ice massage

Ice cubes in a bag or water frozen in a paper cup are all you need for a quick ice massage on your hands and forearms.  The two best places to concentrate the ice massage as self-care are at the thenar eminence and at the elbow's tendons, where tendonitis begins.  The inner...

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body mechanics Mar 10, 2021

As a student in massage school, we had the luxury of the instructor's eyes on us, making corrections to our body mechanics. 

We had time to learn and practice good body mechanics, and now, months or years later, maybe we've gotten lazy, picked up bad habits, or made adjustments because the room we work in is too small. 

The main reason massage therapists' bodies begin to hurt is bad body mechanics.  We are really good at modifying and compensating our body mechanics for:

  • less than optimal working conditions
  • trying to accommodate a picky client
  • attempting to "go deeper" for a client
  • fitting as many clients into a day as possible

To help therapists who are in their first year out of massage school and those who've been massaging for 20 years, here are the most important body mechanics practices to stay working pain-free.    

Massage Therapist Body Mechanics Best Practices 

Using Feet and Legs

Using feet and legs to your full advantage takes some...

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HOT BREAKFAST IDEA! When a quick, healthy hot breakfast is needed.

healthy eating recipes Mar 04, 2021

Healthy Hot Breakfast Idea

On a cold rainy day, a breakfast smoothie doesn't sound as appealing as something hot.  This hot breakfast idea hits the spot and is ready in 7 minutes.  Have these healthy staples on hand to whip up this balanced breakfast and keep your hunger at bay for hours!

Quick Hot Breakfast Idea: What's in the bowl?

This 7-minute breakfast bowl has steel-cut oats sprinkled with chia seeds and pepitas, topped with a fried egg, blueberries, and sliced tomato.  The best thing about this hot meal is it's a balanced breakfast.  When you eat carbohydrates, protein, and fat in a meal, you stay full much longer.  Let's break it down. 

Quick Cooking Steel Cut Oats

Steel Cut Oats are a high-quality complex carbohydrate with a good amount of fiber and protein.  Complex carbohydrates aren't as refined as simple carbs and keep you full longer. 

Your body uses a complex carb over a long period of time instead of burning it quickly like a...

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AT HOME WORKOUT #6 DEF Circuit - Circuit for full body including abs

exercise Feb 26, 2021

This at-home workout for massage therapists strengthens the abs, chest, shoulders, and legs.

With no equipment needed, this workout is easy to perform anywhere and helps build strength to support massage therapists' body mechanics while they work.

A leading cause of overuse injury in the massage therapy field is poor body mechanics and lack of strength to support the work an individual performs.

Strength and fitness allow massage therapists to work long, pain-free careers without injury.

This video's information is for general knowledge only, and exercises should not be performed without a doctor's consent.

Circuit D should be completed without a break until the end of the third exercise and then move on to circuit E. The same applies to circuit E to F.

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MASSAGE THERAPIST SELF CARE ROUTINE Self care program for massage therapists

self care Feb 24, 2021

As a massage therapist, you know how it feels after a full day at work.  It's fulfilling because you helped a lot of people, made good money, but your body is TIRED. 

It's more than tired, your hands hurt, your low back needs an hour of yoga, and your thumbs feel like they're going to fall off. OK, maybe I'm exaggerating, but you're familiar with the aches and pains. Am I right?

Let's look at some perfect for the massage therapist self-care routine ideas you can implement to feel better today.

Massage therapist self-care routine idea #1

Ice- your overused hands need this

You probably recommend icing to your clients, so it's time to practice what you preach.  That fatigue you feel in your hands, neck, back . . . you fill in the blank, is from overuse.

Two main reasons your feeling this is are poor body mechanics in that area and/or lack of strength and conditioning in that area to complete the workload you're asking of it.   

There is some good information...

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AT-HOME WORKOUT #5 STRAIGHT TO THE CORE! Ab exercises for core strength

exercise Feb 12, 2021

Massage therapists know the importance of core strength at the massage table and this ab workout hits all the abdominal muscles.

From rectus abdominis to obliques and lower abdominals, this workout will strengthen the core so massage therapists can support their work better and stay injury-free.

No more hurting low back at the end of a long massage day. No more aching mid-back or tiered shoulders and neck.

The stronger the core, the better posture is and the better a massage therapist's body mechanics will be.

This workout is for general information and suggested exercises shouldn't be performed without a doctor's consent.

Get the full workout here:

Visit our website to join our mailing list and receive free workouts on PDF if you want to print for reference.

Our Facebook page has all the workouts

Visit our YouTube channel for other workouts you can do from home ...

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ELBOW PAIN IN MASSAGE THERAPISTS Why it's happening and self care

body mechanics self care Feb 10, 2021

Massage therapists use their hands and other parts of their arms all day giving massage so when elbow pain starts it's an all hands on deck moment. 

Really, the prevention should have started long before the pain shows up.

Knowledge is power so let's look at why the elbow pain is happening and then how we can prevent and treat it.

Why massage therapists get elbow pain

The short answer is poor body mechanics but that doesn't help you unless you know what you are doing that's causing the pain.

Massage therapists use their hands A LOT during a massage session.  Hands are our main tool.  

You should be using other tools at least 40% of the massage but if you're determined to use your hands, let's see the specific reasons why the elbow pain starts. 

Petrissage and Kneading

While you are using petrissage be aware that your wrists are staying neutral. 

  • any wrist flexion puts a strain on the tendons of the elbow

When kneading, aim to knead without a lot of...

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AT HOME WORKOUT #4 ABC CIRCUIT Abs, butt, and legs workout needing no equipment

exercise Feb 05, 2021

Massage therapists are often taught good body mechanics in massage school but injury still seems to plague many over time.

This workout helps build strength in the core, butt, and legs to become stronger which helps the body work injury-free for many years in the massage career.

Massage therapists know the importance of body mechanics so take action, put some time into your body and get stronger with this workout!

This week's workout titled ABC Circuit is working abs, butt, and legs from your own home and you won't need any equipment.

Circuit A has three exercises and should be completed in 10 minutes. Go as fast as you can, without sacrificing proper form, through the reps, and move on to the next exercise looking forward to a 90-second break at the end of the circuit.

Circuit B has three exercises, a ten-minute time cap, and a 90-second break at the end.

Circuit C will follow the same outline. You get a break and can go back to the beginning to repeat all circuits or pick your...

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