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A How-To Guide For Goal Setting And Why You Need Goals As A Massage Therapist

Happy new year to you, Massage Therapists and Holistic Health Practitioners! With a new year usually comes setting new goals for your business and yourself, including your fitness, health, nutrition and personal goals.

I’m doing it and while this year it’s taken more focus than normal because things are up in the air with COVID-19, a new year wouldn’t be complete without talking about goal setting.

Goals, if you aren’t used to setting them will change your life! Write your goals down and watch them become reality. Take a look at how easy it is and how it will bring you a renewed focus for your business.

Setting your goals

Determine what you want to accomplish as the basis for setting your goals. What are those dreams or wishes you have always thought about? Find those things where you say to yourself, ‘If only I could…”

When you figure out what you want, you can...

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goals Nov 18, 2020

Why give homework

Give homework to keep people coming back.  Here's the thing.  After a client found you and made an appointment now it's your job to keep them booking time and time again.  Giving them a great massage is only part of what will keep them coming back.  By assigning homework you create a partnership with the client.  You are no longer having to "fix" them during an hour session every two weeks but now some accountability has shifted to them.  They are responsible for holding up their end of the partnership until it's time for their next appointment.  By assigning homework it shows you care what they are doing outside of the treatment room.  It shows that you are invested in their success and clients appreciate that!  You can even share your goals with them and that has them looking forward to the upcoming months with you.  Giving homework is an easy way to keep clients rebooking and get referrals for your massage...

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