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With the burn out rate of massage therapists on the rise, unnecessary thumb overuse injuries and bodies breaking down in the first 1-2 years after massage school, there is a need for fitness in all massage therapist's lives. I'm not talking about your ideal weight or how you look although that automatically comes with a more fit lifestyle.  I'm talking about treating your body with respect instead of like a machine. Getting enough water, stretching, exercising, and strength training combined with eating smart gives you a serious edge in this physically demanding business. My goal is to give you the tools to work as long as you want in this wonderful world of massage and bodywork without pain AND feeling your best.

Why I Care

Hi, I'm Angela.  I entered the field of massage therapy to work through college, never dreaming it would become my career.  Then a couple years into a physically and mentally overwhelming too many clients too close together work schedule, I came dangerously close to ending my massage career due to injury.  I was 23 years old.  I thought, "This is ridiculous" and I used my Kinesiology education to turn my body into a massage athlete.     

Now, with 24 years as a massage therapist behind me, a degree in Kinesiology (with a nutrition specialization), a personal training certification, 5 years teaching massage therapy and former owner/operator of a massage clinic, I offer you the advantage of education, business success and experience, that will allow you to reach your business goals with a healthy body through fitness, nutrition and body mechanics. 

Angela Robertson founder of The Fit Massage Therapist

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