exercise Sep 17, 2020

We all have those weeks when no exercise happens. 

Any number of things can get in the way of the best laid plans to exercise and that's OK because here are some ways to keep fit while going about your daily activities.  I got creative here so have fun with me on some of these.  :)

Stand on one leg while watering the garden

If you have a hose or watering can, outside plants or inside, you can improve your balance while watering.  Stand on one leg and if you want to take it a step further, bend forward at the waist with one leg straight behind you.  Count to 10 and switch legs while making your plants beautiful.  

Take a break from (anything) and do 5 push ups

Whether it's computer work, checking emails or watching TV you can set an alarm for every hour and when it goes off, drop and give me 5!  You could potentially get a whole lot of push ups done in one day. 

Squat while folding laundry

Squats are good for building leg strength and flexibility of the hip joints.  A full range of motion squat helps keep glutes, hip flexors and quads strong.  As we age we need to maintain strength in these areas for daily activities like getting in and out of the car, a chair and off the toilet.    

Do a static lunge while pumping gas

Instead of checking social media while you wait for your tank to fill, stretch those inner thighs.  A standing side lunge is a quick way to open the inside of the leg. 


Forward bend while blow drying your hair

You need to get the underside of your hair anyway so you might as well stretch your hamstrings while you're at it.  

Balancing Table Pose while watching TV

Instead of staying seated or reclined through your whole show, try this exercise during commercials or alternate left, then right for a count of 30.  


Doorway stretch after every trip to the restroom 

Make it a habit to use the doorway for a pectoralis stretch after using the restroom.  This chest opener is needed for the majority of the population.

Standing piriformis stretch after each shoe you put on 

You may need to hold onto something during this flamingo-like stretch.  You can do it standing or laying down depending how you're putting your shoes on.  While standing simply cross one ankle over your knee at and sit back as if you were going to sit down.

Do 10 jumping jacks with every glass of water drank

This will get your heart rate up which is good for cardiovascular fitness.  This also keeps you drinking the 64 ounces of water suggested each day.  

Engage your core while washing dishes

Pull your navel in towards your spine as you wash dishes or load the dishwasher.  Keep your breath moving but your core tightened.  

Skip while walking the dog

Walking the dog can be taken up a notch to improve cardio vascular fitness.  Skip, side shuffle or walk uphill backwards for a healthy and fun alternative.  

This handful of ideas for getting activity into daily life can be expanded to your workday too.  Client emails, phone calls, scheduling and bookkeeping all keep you seated so get up and stretch, do some jumping jacks or push ups.  Between clients a forward bend stretch with arms overhead is one of the most rejuvenating things you can do to get your energy back.  For those days when you have a tight schedule or something unexpected takes the place of your trip to the gym, you have some fun ways to get bits of exercise in during the day. 

Until next time

Be Fit, Be Strong, Be creative and exercise during your day


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