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During the COVID-19 pandemic many states have labeled massage therapists non-essential workers.  While I can see how our working at close proximity for extended periods of time could add to the spread of Coronavirus, I've never thought of myself as non-essential.  Ask any regular receiver of massage and they'll have a good reason why they believe it's an essential part of their health and wellness.  The stigma that massage is a luxury has fallen by the wayside over recent years.  Let's look at 20 of the top reasons massage therapy is an essential part of life.   

1. Human touch can’t be replicated

No number of self-massagers, massage chairs or electric massage tools will replace the effects of skin to skin contact.  

2. Manually manipulated muscle tissue is healthier than stagnant tissue.

As little as a few minutes of massage can positively effect the state of muscle tissue.  

3. Lymphatic system can be manually enhanced

Lymphatic drainage is used by some hospitals for post surgical rehabilitation. 

4. Massage boosts immune system

5. Massage boosts mood

Feel good hormones are released during massage which can increase in mood.

6. Assists rehabilitation of post surgical sites

Increasing blood flow to post surgical sites aides in healing. 

7. One of the best preventative health methods

Health care systems have moved towards preventative health and massage along with exercise and eating well top the list of recommendations.   

8. Increases serotonin

Massage makes people happy.


9. Decreases cortisol, the stress hormone

Decreasing cortisol helps the body's immune system.    

10. Relieves depression

The boost of serotonin during massage can help fight feelings of sadness. 

11. Increases range of motion by reducing tissue adhesion

Myofacial release and neuromuscular therapy are two types of massage that work well in fighting adhesions.  

12. Reduce pain

Endorphin release helps reduce pain.

13. Abdominal massage helps with digestive issues

Clockwise strokes around the stomach, specifically the colon, aides in peristalsis.   

14. Manage low back pain

Massage is one of the most sought after treatments for low back pain.

15. Sleep better

Some people experience more sound sleep when getting massage on a regular basis.  

16. Relieve tension headaches

17. Reduces anxiety

Reduces anxiety by increasing serotonin.  

18. Helps chronic neck pain

19. Assists with postural stress

Many jobs cause stress to posture and massage can help counteract the repetitive   

20. We make people feel good

People who feel good have a better quality of life.  Whether it's having the ability to run a 10K or bend down and pick up a grandchild, people are most happy living the life they want.  Pain, illness, or sleep deprivation cut into the active lifestyle.  Massage therapy offers solutions to these problems and more.  Not to be a replacement for medical care but a compliment to gain the best life possible.  

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