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As massage therapists, refreshing our body mechanics is a good investment in the longevity of our careers.

  • You will find out if you've fallen into bad habits and learn to fix them.
  • You will avoid pain by catching pitfalls early.
  • Better body mechanics means a more connected massage, which keeps clients coming back. 


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Why I Care

Hi, I'm Angela.  I entered the field of massage therapy to work through college, never dreaming it would become my career.  Then a couple years into a physically and mentally overwhelming too many clients too close together work schedule, I came dangerously close to ending my massage career due to injury.  I was 23 years old.  I thought, "This is ridiculous" and I used my Kinesiology education to turn my body into a massage athlete.     

Now, with 24 years as a massage therapist behind me, a degree in Kinesiology (with a nutrition specialization), a personal training certification, 5 years teaching massage therapy and former owner/operator of a massage clinic, I offer you the advantage of education, business success and experience, that will allow you to reach your business goals with a healthy body through fitness, nutrition and body mechanics. 

Angela Robertson founder of The Fit Massage Therapist