Healthy Hydration Pack

Hydrate your way to better health and more clients with this super pack today!

What you'll get:

  • An in-depth eBook, Infused Water for Better Health, to use for newsletter or blog content
  • How to drink more water for massage therapists and one for clients (client handout)
  • Personal water tracker (client handout)
  • Recipes for infused water (client handout)
  • Social media images 
  • The Water Bar (client handout, FB and IG images)

How to use this pack to REBOOK clients:

  • Reminding clients, "Your muscles LOVE water."  Increase water intake to reach massage goals faster
  • Give included handouts with homework on drinking more water and keep track with the water tracker
  • Clients who are given homework become invested in their care along with you
  • Clients who are given homework rebook to see if they made progress
  • Make an infused water recipe for samples in the office  

How to use this pack to get NEW clients:

  • Segment the eBook into several blog posts or newsletter content
  • Post on social media using images with a fun fact
  • Hold a contest for the most shares
  • Make one of the recipes live on IG reels 

How to use this pack for yourself:

  • Enjoy the health benefits of herbs, fruits, and vegetables infused into your water
  • Stay hydrated during your workday to avoid headaches
  • Keep your energy up with water recipes from the book
  • Drink more because infused water tastes better

The entire hydration pack will be sent to you immediately after purchase. 


$67.00 USD

Join the challenge to get a stronger core today!

This is what you'll get:

  • Better stability and posture around the massage table 
  • 30 core exercises with pictures and instructions
  • A healthy back and stronger massages

Work at your own pace and feel free to email questions anytime

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